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License #1078386 & LCO 6797

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Access Control

Versatile Access Control Solutions that are Designed for Your Company’s Needs

Image of Marco installing an electronic access control panel in a office building

Marco installing an electronic access control keypad with an intercom next to a door in an office building.

​Silva Security Systems creates and maintains commercial access systems for small and medium-sized businesses and larger organizations. If it’s the right choice for your home, we have systems for private homes and larger households as well. Many people enjoy the convenience and security of a video doorbell these days, and touchless access control can be quite helpful for disabled homeowners. In industry, however, access control systems integration and installation add efficiency and centralized, flexible control to building operations and security.

Electronic Security Provides Simplicity, Flexibility, and Accountability

With brands like Paxton Access Control and Command Access providing electric locks and other hardware and control systems, and using electronic strikes from HES, we can fit your main entry and exit doors, emergency exits, and internal security doors with the right equipment to manage access. We usually augment our door access control systems with Video IP Surveillance that records each access attempt and provides a visual record of individuals and groups who enter the building. In addition to card access systems for identified entry, we have standalone push-button access systems for key code entry when more sophisticated electronic security is not required.

Safety and Security Functions Combined

Safety measures can also provide security concerns as well, so our system design may address potential issues. In some cases, CCTV coverage of emergency exit doors is advisable, such as where alarmed exit devices are installed. These can be used to offer unauthorized access as well or to exit with unauthorized property in hand. Building access control systems generally identify and log departures as well as entrances, and visual records can cover unauthorized entries passing through exit doors. To avoid attempts to bypass security in case of forgotten credentials, an Aiphone system or door buzzer system allows personnel and visitors to contact security for entrance.

Keep Traffic Moving, But Only Where It’s Supposed To

Keypad locks for storage areas, proximity readers for quick access combined with electric strike installation, and maglock door management allow you to manage access while avoiding authentication delays before entry. Combined two-factor authentication provides high-security access control to especially secure areas, using for example card access systems and fingerprint access systems together. In production areas, magnetic locking systems can automatically secure all access doors based on time of day, opening to all personnel during operational hours.

Creating a System That’s Natural for Your Operation

Acceptance of your access control system by workers and visitors comes when they know you’ve designed it to make their lives easier. Flexible control systems allow you to update permissions and identities quickly for personnel changes and even temporary workers. While access to accounting might be secured by fingerprint locks, you might use touchless access control for hygienic laboratory access, for example.

Your Access Control Specialist and Full Service and 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith

Let Silva Security Systems protect your Garden Grove, CA area home or business with professional service that includes electronic and traditional locks and other security equipment. We’re also your on-call 24-hour emergency locksmith service, available as needed. Give us a call to quote your comprehensive access control solution including CCTV and related security coverage, and count on us for lock repairs, key making, and other locksmith services all from one trusted provider.