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License #1078386 & LCO 6797

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Key Duplication

Our Skill Shows in the Details of Every Key We Make

A key is a lot more than a piece of metal cut to fit a certain lock. An expert key maker knows the kind of lock that it needs to fit and takes special care to make sure it will be reliable both the day it was cut and each time you’re using it in the future. After all, when you’re rushing into the house, it’s no time for the lock to stick because of a poorly made key. Likewise, when you’re headed home for the night, your car key should just work, both in the door and the ignition. You trust the key copy because you trust the locksmith who made it. In Orange County, you can trust Silva Security Solutions, a locally owned and licensed locksmith who’s here for you around the clock.

Our Goal Is For You to Worry Less

image of keys and lock cylinders for a master lock system

For this job, we rekeyed a number of locks to all use the same key. We pulled the cylinder from each lock and changed out the pins so they all worked with one key, and then we made duplicates of that key.

From our expertly installed locks to the carefully cut keys we make from scratch or as duplicates, we’re making it easier for you to relax. Our locks and door hardware protect you, and when we make a set of spare keys for you, there’s always an extra you can turn to when you need it. If you’ve already lost your last key to your car or home, we make keys cut by code and other methods of key duplicate cutting that don’t require an original key.

Commercial Keys and Access Control

At the office, it’s often difficult to keep track of all the keys and cards. We handle master key systems, high-security keys, and Do Not Duplicate keys. Our technicians also program electronic key cards for access control. Our mobile service can originate keys or install new locks and plan upgrades such as access control systems to help your company function more smoothly.

Need a Special Key Copied? Where to Get Keys Made that Stores Don’t Have

Beyond Do Not Duplicate keys and high-security keys that are available only from locksmiths, we specialize in antique keys, skeleton keys, and other types of keys that require special expertise. Do you need a spare key for your antique safe? Stop wondering “where is a key maker near me that handles these?” Just call our team to handle all your key needs. In addition to specialized house keys and office keys, don’t forget to get copies of garage keys, bike lock keys, shed keys, cabinet and furniture keys, and keys for other locks around your home. As your local locksmith, we’re the one key maker to turn to.

The Art and Science of Key Making and Key Duplicating

By understanding the principles behind mechanical and electronic locks, we can make keys for just about anything you own. With mechanical door locks, the existing mechanism provides the parameters so we can make keys from scratch. The same goes for many other types of standard locks, and for other locks, we can cut keys by code or provide a spare key for your car or programmed key fob based on codes present in your vehicle.

Silva Security Solutions is Your One Stop for Keys

If you’ve been concerned about how you were going to get an affordable key copy, now you know. We even offer discounts. GIve us a call.